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Alpha Moist and Tight cream

Labia Plasty example shown in our video.( Shown for educational purposes only).

Alpha Moist & Tight Cream formulated and designed just for women, acts as a lubricant with a fresh clean scent. Although use as a lubricant is most popular, Alpha Moist & Tight Cream can be used to tighten the Vagina and the surrounding muscles to bring back a youthful appearance and feel.
This inexpensive all natural cream may provide several different benefits.

*Alpha Moist & Tight is made from natural herbs and is also designed to give you the option 
of eliminating expensive Vagina tightening Surgery. 
*Providing a fresh, clean scent, Alpha Moist & Tight may also eliminate many causes of vaginal unwanted smells.  
These smells can come from many unbelievable sources, spicy food, a bad diet, pregnancy, allergy to condoms, physical activity and believe it or not excessive washing. Alpha Moist & Tight may bring back that fresh clean scent.


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Alpha Moist & Tight might save money on cosmetic surgery:
Many women are not familiar with Labia Plasty, or surgery to improve the appearance of the external 
Vaginal and Vulva structures. (Example shown in our video).( Shown for educational purposes only).
Note: There are a reported 7 different surgical proceedures which include deepithelialization, direct excision, W-shaped resection, wedge resection, composite reduction, Z-plasty, and laser excision.
Many girls are born with enlarged Labia ( Minora or Majora) or experience changes in the appearance of their external Vaginal Structures after child birth or aging. 

*Alpha Moist & Tight is designed to give the Vagina a youthful appearance again.

If you have shied away from wearing a bikini or bikini underwear because of the shape of your Labia, Alpha Moist & Tight will tighten, moisten, lubricate and give you a younger looking Vagina. Try Alpha Moist & Tight!
     *Alpha Moist & Tight cream may prevent Vaginal infection.
    *Alpha Moist & Tight may prevent itching and dryness which can be painful.


As with all Alpha RX Plus products, Alpha Moist & Tight comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. We suggest if you are using the cream for Vagina tightening give yourself a little more time. Natural Vagina tightening might take longer than 90 days. Alpha Moist & Tight is not designed to shrink or draw, but to tighten the Vaginal muscles. But our guarantee stands, and we will honor 180 days. We want our products to provide results. 

To learn more about the herbs and: 
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*Alpha Moist & Tight is an herbal solution, and contains L-Arginine. Click into!about-the-herbs/c1mhs
and learn about the ingredients. 
If you're diabetic, at risk for abnormal bleeding, or recently suffered a heart attack, use with caution.

    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results achieved when using the product may vary from person to person.