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We thank our customers for writing to inform us about their use and results with AlpharxPlus. All of the feedback shared with you is honest .

Below is a small sample of the feedback received from satisfied customers.  

New feedback sent to Alpha RX Plus 2-2-2017:

I just want to say that I love your product. Being 52 I have noticed the changes that have been happening in the bedroom. My doctor has prescribed Viagra, levitra and Cialias and they all give me headaches and blurry vision.
i have been using your product for awhile and love it. No headaches and no blurry vision, and it has been keeping a smile on my wife's face.
Customer Eddie - New Jersey
Alpha RX Plus received this short feedback (1-27-2017), from new customer Mark:
Comments : Alpha RX day 2 - WOW!

Satisfied customer Louis sent this feedback October 10, 2016

I'm 56 now. I had the world's hardest and sexiest erections up until the age of 50 with no problems until recent years. I was hesitant at first, but after trying Alpha RX Plus, I'm ecstatic and thrilled. I actually now get harder and fuller erections than my peak years before. I'm very excited about this.

Australia- customer 
Stanislovas R.    July 2016 Feedback
I have used Alpharx for some months now and have found it effective for my erectile dysfunction. I am in my 60's and could not get a firm enough erection and my desire was not enough to excite a woman. 
Within the first week of taking Alpharx I felt like a man again and could perform well enough to get a happy smile from my partner who had almost given me up for dead in the bed. I now have more energy and feel confident. I love this stuff.
Stanislovas R- Australia
Fall 2016-50 man product test trial
Recently 50 men were invited to test 4 capsules of Alpha RX Plus to determine just how quickly the all natural solution would build in their bodies to begin a reversal of their erectile dysfunction.  To date 36%
of the 50 men in the trial have responded with their results and we would like to share the results with you, and show the effectiveness of our solution to defeat erectile dysfunction.

Here is a returned survey from one of the participants in the 50 man test trial of Alpha RX Plus. You can view the questions asked and response from participant John:
(We can not reveal last initial or State)
 (participant requested not to reveal home/State and remain anonymous)

Q1: How quickly did you notice a positive result from  Alpha RX Plus?
  • After 1 capsule
Q2: Did Alpha RX Plus provide the results you were looking for?
  • Yes it has
Q3: Have you ever had a pelvic operation or pelvic nerve damage?
  • No I have not
Q4: Did Alpha RX Plus perform better than expected?
  • Yes, it does
Q5: Have you experience BPH or severe Hypoglycemia (Diabetes)
  • Yes, BPH
Q6: How did you hear about the Alpha RX Plus 50 man trial?
  • Online advertisement
  • (please specify) Email
Q7: Have you viewed our website and do you feel Alpha RX Plus pricing is fair?
  • Fair
Q8: Would you give us feedback on Alpha RX Plus and your results?
  • Did you take all 4 capsules?
  • (please comment below about your trial and feelings on our product?) I feel with a longer trial period and more use I would truly give an honest result
Q9: Can we print your feedback on our site? We only use your first name and state you reside.
  • Use without name or State (for customers privacy we show only his common first name, no last initial or State of residence)                   
Q10: Please enter your contact information for survey user response count purposes.
Click this link to view respondents results:

FYI: Another 50 man trial participant reported this in our recent survey regarding his test results;
Q1: How quickly did you notice a positive result from Alpha RX Plus? 
 A: After 4 capsules        
 (please feel free to comment)
  I'm not sure? Honestly it may have been on the second pill. But when I did, it shocked me so much that I could have cared less because I had not had any feeling going on ten yrs. trial tester-Bill


June 2016 Customer Feedback

i am 67 years old.i had no libido which equals no erection.i started taking alpha rx plus,my libido was back in a week,and i am now able to get an erection.i feel like a sexual being again. thank you, Stan-PA

Referral customer Russell gave us feedback May 31, 2016 

I'm a 60yr old male(who like most men my age)have been looking for something to help get my "mojo" back working again. I've tried Cialis,viagra and a lot more so called(wonder pills)with no results.
A friend told me about Alpha rx plus and gave me 4 pills to try."4 pills" ya right. Hooolllyyy Sh t, even after the first pill something started to happen. by the 4th pill, I feel like a man again, bless you Mr.Scroggins ,your product is "amazing", it really works.  Russell-Oregon

Satisfied customer Ken sent this feedback May 6, 2016

When I first heard of Alpha RX Plus, I was very, very skeptical. I was already jaded from lack of success with other highly recommended OTC and prescribed products that had side effects, so my first thought was "if you've tried one, you've tried them all". I figured this one would be the same.
Finally, I did try it and I've been using this product ever since. I am getting great results, with no side effects.
I only endorse what I believe in, therefore I highly recommend it - especially if it helps keep them in business!  

From our recent 25 man product test, this feedback: 04/06/2016

Q8: Would you give us feedback on Alpha RX Plus and your results?

Unbelievable, Day 1 and my first dose!  18hrs later?  I get my 1st reaction!

It was early morning and when this very strange but yet recognizable thing was going on.  Honestly I laid there  thinking, is this a dream,  It had to be?  
No dream I decided,  but what was this?  Then the light came on!  I jumped out of the bed walked over to the other side of the room to turn on the real light, and their I was right in front of my dressing mirror, And Holly Smokes!!!!!!!  A real erection.   
FROM ME. Last time I saw something like this was about 10yrs. ago.  After all of my excitement?  I laid back down and realized that I was only a few hrs.,  away from getting my 2nd dose!  And the rest of my adventure is about to begin.  
FYI,  I get them daily now (erections).
Thank you Alpha RX Plus, like the old saying goes, your company is a blessing in disguise. Bill W.  Oregon

Here's what customer Landon wrote to inform Alpha RX Plus of his progress (2/4/2016): 

I think alpha plus has improved my performance and I no longer have to rely on my prescription in order to have sex. I can now have spontaneous encounters with my new wife, without having to worry about taking my prescription (my little helper pill), an hour before any action starts. So glad I found alpha plus and I will definitely keep using it.
Landon, IA

There is more feedback which might relate to your current situation click here.

Here's what customer Ron mentioned recently (8/3/2015), in an email about Alpha RX Plus:

Yes, it certainly does work!  It works about as well as Cialis only better.  The 5mg, take daily, Cialis costs about $350 a month if you don't have drug insurance.  You bet this stuff works.

Ron, Arizona.  {Alpha RX Plus customer since August 2013}

We've discovered through feedback that the fun doesn't have to end at 75!
I have tried some of the big name products and had no results but with your trial of 6 capsules I had some reaction and want more of your product. I am 82 years old and have been married almost 64 years, and we do need some sex at this time of our lives,as we need exercise to keep up our health. I just wish I would of had a longer time to really test out your product as it was just starting to work and I run out of the miracle product.. Robert, South Dakota  05/2015

Alpha RX Plus recently conducted a 25 man test of our product using 6 capsules and received valuable feedback from some of the Men who tested our product using only 4 capsules.  We would like to share, with his permission, a second testers feedback:  

Rafael,    Puerto Rico-02/24/2015

I never recommend any product but the results received when I tried Alpha RX Plus were so excellent that I decided to help other Latinos to discover the same potency discovered by me.

I couldn't believe the immediate results.
With the first dosage my body reacted to the stimulus the same way it use to react in my twenties.
The best thing that happened to me.

 Feedback from customer Ron, Hawaii - 07/28/2014 
What a blessing! After using two recognized products for my mild ED, I decided to try AlphRXplus. After having some issues with my cholesterol medications interfering with the benefits of AlphaRXplus, I'm back to my original prescription and everything is fine. It's so nice to be able to be SPONTANEOUS! No more "planning and waiting an hour"; now I'm able when the urge and opportunity are there. I'm on Medicare, but still feel like a 20-something in the bedroom, and able to act like one thanks to AlphaRXplus. Thank you for that opportunity.

This customers story also in our video makes us proud to offer Alpha RX Plus: "this stuff rocks! I’m a paraplegic and lost some feeling down below, this stuff gives me an erection in the morning, afternoon and night! I orgasm easier and just feel youthful with it! If it can help a guy in my situation I can just imagine a healthy guy. You guys can never go out of business! Please! Thank you and keep up the good work!" Don,  California
Customer Adam S. Pennsylvania writes:

I have a bottle of the blue pills sitting in my medicine chest. Once I got the use down, these (AlpharxPlus) work so much better. No headache, sweating etc... Recommend to anyone who is having a little or even a lot of trouble. I couldn't do anything with a woman unless I timed the blue bomb perfectly. These, (AlpharxPlus) take you back to your youth. Just be careful at work if your mind wonders it's just like junior high all over again.

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This dietary supplement herbal agent has been shown to have effectiveness in terms of Male sexuality. There is anecdotal reports (case study reports, and random investigations) to verify these findings. We have observed user satisfaction to be outstanding.